El Morya
Faith and divine support. Helpful to those who have had Mother/Father problems from the beginning. Also for those having difficulty finding their role models within themselves. Helps people to find clarity in situations with their parents.
Brings in wisdom and unconditional love. Helps to develop an understanding of the divine plan through intuition from the Angelic realms and to be in contact with the devic kingdom (mineral and plants, elements such as fire, water, air and earth).
Lady Nada
Unconditional love. Improves our capacity to relate. Letting go of negativity as a deep level. As the negative aspects of the personality are digested by the spark of Divinity within, this allows us to epxerience a kinder response from the Universe since our thoughts about ourselves create our own reality. Brings in the pure love.
The Way, the Truth, the Light. Helps to create a space within oneself, to get to know oneself better. Allows to find the peace and space for decisions.
Serapis Bey
Karmic absolution – releases you from karmic seeds of the past and brings you illuminated to the present. Can help to expand the vital aura, balance the aura, seal and protect it.
The Christ
Re-energising, deep protection and caring. Reinforces connection with one’s spriitual purpose, where light comes to the earth. Helps people to take responsibility for themselves.
St Germain
Healing, meditation, transformation. Catalyses and transforms negative energies into postive ones. Helps to calm down the etheric, astral and electro-magnetic fields. Transmutation of energy to help overcome situations to do with survival, e.g.: money, securtiy, health, etc.
Pallas Athena
Creative expression of love and beauty. Communication of higher truth. Gives access to inspiration and rememberances of the content of dreams, bringing insight into one’s own dream symbolism. Helps us to be in harmony with the world through right livelihood.
Orion and Angelica
New beginnings. Helps to tune into synchronicity. To be in the right time and place. Helps with the beginning and ending of projects. Useful for people interested in Earth healing and geopathic stress.
Lady Portia
Mercy and non-judgement. Helps to express thought in a clear form, especially when linked to old wisdom and self recognition. Brings discernment. Helps with rebirthing therapy.
Lao Tsu / Kwan Yin
Compassion and deep insight. Release from the past, bringing in compassion. Brings in peace, compassion and deep nurturing. It works on patterns of tensions at a deep level – releasing tensions in the body-mind, assisting the functions of all the energy centres. Facilitates regression – particulary for clearing deep regression shock.
Sanat Kumara
This Quintessence is useful in times of doubt and helps us to get to the bottom of things, to find out what lies behind a particular issue. It helps to bring about a positive connection to the female/male role models within the self. And helps us to get in touch with the deepest aspects of ourselves.
Maha Chohan
Inner guidance. Bringing to awareness what we need to say, from the feeling side of being. Helpful in releasing feelings that need to be expressed. Enhances inspiration of people who work in mass media or who express themselves through improvisation with music and dance or theatre.
Djwal Khul
Service from the heart. Especially helps people suffering from fears to open up to clarity and self-acceptance. Brings an understanding of laws, patterns and rhythms of nature.
Holy Grail
The inner guide. Stimulates receptivity and openness and to be able to allow the communication to flow through us. It can help on all levels of being to bring about a transformation in relation to receptivity and unfolding of the creative feminine intuition within each one of us.