“One to Nine” is a website, a space to go deeper, towards yourself, towards your being, to meditate.

The name “One to Nine” indicate the numbers, all the numbers from zero to infinity, which reflect the principals and the procedure of Creation. So one part of this website is about numerology or better  I say the wisdom of the numbers (arithmosophia).

Another part it is dedicated to a modern system called Aura-Soma which uses the ancient wisdom of the energies of the herbs, the colours, and the gems.

The site is an invitation to play.

“…everything comes out of nothingness, and everything falls back into nothingness, to zero. The whole journey is from Zero to Zero. With the Zero the whole game starts – you add one Zero to the figure One, then the value of the Zero is Nine because immediately Οne becomes Τen, Νine is born out of Ζero. You add two zeroes to one, the value is ninety nine, immediately one has become a hundred…” Osho “Absolute Tao”