01 White

Deeply cleansing and harmonizing on all levels. Helps to sharpen the mind, bringing new insights, seeing, feeling and sensing oneself anew. Can help to bring light into any situation. To see the reflection of ourselves more clearly without judgement, helps us to see and be with others.

02 Pink

Love – stimulates ability to receive love and to feel love, caring and warmth for oneself and others. Diminishes fear and anxiety and is helpful in situations of grief in connection with abuse. Also a healing and hearing of the feminine. Vicky used to say «Just for Love».

03 Red

Energy, awareness, and passion. Strengthens and reinforces auric field. Helps us to stay with our own energy rather than be over concerned or empathetic with others.

04 Orange

Interdependence and inter-connectedness in relationship without losing one's own inner truth and worth. Deep insight and aspiraation leading in bliss. Soothing and calming to shock and trauma of the past, present and future.

05 Gold

Connectedness, being part of the greater whole. Searching and finding fulfilment and thus realising one's own inner worth. Why we are here and what we are here for. The way we are to do and what we are to do.

06 Yellow

Perception of boundaries. The stillness of the broader view instead of the over activity of thinkig in duality.

07 Olive

Balancing Yin and Yang. Assimilation, endurance, connectedness. The fears of the yellow are released and the light within the Hara may move towards enlightening the heart. The olive is that passage of the light towards an opening heart which results also from confidence in the still small voice within.

08 Green

Love manifest in concrete activity. Helps us to give ourselves the time, space and direction we need and respecting that in others too.

09 Turquoise

The communication of heartfelt messages. Insight and inner growth through self knowledge. Stimulates creativity in all aspects of life.

10 Blue

Offers peace and a nurturing energy, which can lead to creative insight and clarity. The breath carried on the blue leads to the depth of the being.

11 Royal Blue

Offers deep inner sight and is stimulating to the higher mind. Cleansing, Centering, and Calming.

12 Violet

Healing and service through greater understanding and new insight, as we begin to hear the still small voice within.

13 Magenta

Unconditional love even in little things.

14 Rainbow

Connects with the inner teacher balancing all the colours in harmony. Good for balancing a group energy. Helps in remembering the wholeness of ourselves. The parts begin to listen to each other.

15 Coral
Strengthening to the psyche, giving a grateful recognition of the value of community. Helps us to feel our self worth. There is far greater protection and wellbeing in openness and sharing than in strss and contraction.