B0 – ROYAL BLUE / DEEP MAGENTA Spiritual Rescue

Helps transfer deep intuitive insights into practical everyday life. For people who do rescue work during the night – aware or not – brings deep peace and energy.

B1 – BLUE / DEEP MAGENTA Physical Rescue
A peaceful communication with what lies within ourselves. Helpful communication.
B2 – BLUE / BLUE Peace Bottle
Peaceful communication that comes through us rather than from us. Anurturing energy. A natural authority.
B3 – BLUE / GREEN Heart Bottle, Atlantean Bottle
Creative communication through the feeling side of being as the process of individuation unfolds.
B4 – YELLOW / GOLD Sunlight Bottle
Relates to adrenals, nerve tissue, skin disorders (jaundice), liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys (re: elimination/cleansing), arthritis, hiatus hernia, diabetes, anorexia; helps to balance body pH and lessens menopausal flushing.
B5 – YELLOW / RED Sunset Bottle

Relates to grounding, sexual or reproductive issues; circulation and blood deficiencies, constipation, bladder and fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Do not use this bottle above the waist.


B6 – RED / RED Energy Bottle
Sacrificial love. Powerful energiser, the re-energiser and the basic energy of love. The whole of the material side of life. In consultation in second also indicates anger, frustration.
B7 – YELLOW / GREEN Garden of Gethsemene/Final Test of faith
The wisdom to find the space within. Trust within the depth of self, knowledge within the conscious mind. Divine sacrifice. Jesus overcoming the survival issues (B6) to open to the possibility of the final test of faith.
B8 – YELLOW / BLUE Anubis
Too much thinking disturbs the inner peace. Knowing through inner communications. When you find the peace within the depth of yourself then you can communicate the knowledge to the world. A Teacher”s bottle.
B9 – TURQUOISE / GREEN Heart within the Heart; Crystal Cave
The individual search for truth. Communication from the heart in the top fraction; communication and direction from within. The next level of the heart chakra.
B10 – GREEN / GREEN “Go Hug a Tree”
As you plant, so shall you reap
B11 – CLEAR / PINK The Essene Bottle 1
Taking responsibility for the thoughts and Feelings.
B12 – CLEAR / BLUE Peace in the New Aeon
An initiation which shines a light on nurturing, faith and peace.
B13 – CLEAR / GREEN Change in the New Aeon
Illuminating the emotional side of life, making a space for change in the letting go.
B14 – CLEAR / GOLD Wisdom in the New Aeon
Light into the gold. The illumination of inner wisdom that clarity of purpose may Unfold.
B15 – CLEAR / VIOLET Service in the New Aeon
Elevation of the self through purification.